About us


ICAS Storm Restoration has the vision to position as a roofing company recognized in the country for the unique and special attention provided to our clients, highlighting the standards of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in each of our services. We aim for constant innovation, aiming for excellence in our staff, as a professional and responsible company that is dedicated to the community and the environment.


ICAS Storm Restoration, has the mission to provide a high-quality service, where our presentation will always be a smile and our profit will be the satisfaction and well-being of our clients. We develop strong relations based on familiarity and integrity, while the recommendation of our clients is the main source of our business growth.


ICAS Storm Restoration, fostering values such as:

  • Service: We show the client our best attitude, respect and professionalism, in order to guarantee a pleasant service.
  • Responsibility: Extensive communication, creating an atmosphere of trust and credibility among our staff and clients, driven towards working with profitability and efficiency, to ensure the achievements of our goals and the growth or our business.
  • Consistency and Credibility: To create solid relationships with our clients and employees. Caring for our image, our clients needs, and the environment are the basis of our existence.
  • Teamwork: The development of abilities and skills, aiming for excellence in human resources. This results in confidence, joy, companionship, generosity and inclusion, promoting efforts, optimizing time and independent participation within a harmonious business environment.
  • Innovation: Promoting the constant development of new ideas and continuous improvement of our productive process, ensuring global evolution and modernization to our clients.
  • Punctuality and Commitment: being early is to be on time to give our team’s best, evaluating the client’s needs and our commitments, as a loyal company consistent with its services.
  • Honesty and Integrity: To perform our job with honesty and integrity, remaining truthful to our words, with transparency and integrity in everything we do, based on our duties and rights in truth and justice.


ICAS Storm Restoration, is a company with qualified and certified experience, integrated by a familiar and fraternal team that supports the inclusion and diversity of cultures in order to provide integral solutions to our clients, ensuring an integrated, innovative and customized work with standards of quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

We are aware of our responsibilities and are committed to the highly competitive standards in market and the needs of our clients.
We are different as we offer a smile that inspires trust and credibility, providing solutions to the issues of home roofs, the hearts of our clients’ homes which we care for by acknowledging, assessing and controlling the risks of facing the inclement weather, ensuring for our clients a comfortable and healthy home where they can live the best moments by keeping their family safe.


Because insurance adjusters work for insurance company and We work for you.